School Based Eductation


In all states, the teaching of budgeting, taxation and financial investments is very generic and does not adequately prepare our students for the financial decisions they will soon face. As such, Freedom Life Goals has developed a unique program that fills these gaps.

School-based workshops are offered nationally for Year 10, 11 and Year 12 students covering a variety of topics that are practical and will assist them with financial decisions they make moving forward.

The Year 10 program has been designed to align with ACARA capabilities of Economics and Business and Civics and Citizenship from the Australian Curriculum.

Freedom Life Goals

We cater for various timetable demands by offering short and longer workshop options.

  • A 90 minute or 2 hour tutorial that details various financial topics to provide them with some knowledge and understanding of life choices they will need to make.
  • A full day workshop that provides more detailed information and opportunities for students to engage in discussions and complete activities to help shape their practical understanding.

Year 10 Topics
- Banking
- Taxation
- Superannuation
- Starting a Business

Year 11 Topics
- Budgeting with a focus on Rental Properties and Purchasing a Car
- Borrowings from Banks
- Taxation and Tax Returns

Year 12 Topics
- The Money Market
- Purchasing Property (Personal)
- Superannuation
- Investing - Shares and Property

90 Minute Workshop
Two Hour Workshop
Full Day Workshop

Student limits and conditions apply. All prices exclude GST


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"I never realised the costs involved with moving out of home… "


"I now feel like I understand more about tax and how to fill in my tax return."


"Today's workshop taught me about various possible ways to invest. I thought it was just for people with a lot of money."


"Superannuation was something I had not heard of until today."