Sub-division Woes

With land becoming scarce, many are sub-dividing their block to make some extra cash. However, there are a number of woes that many do not consider for both the seller and the new owner. As a seller: Decrease in value Read more…

March 2020
Freedom Life Goals

Using Credit Cards and Debt

By now, many of you would have received your credit card statements highlighting how much Christmas and those Boxing day sales cost you. Sadly, a vast majority of Australians are unable to pay more than the minimum repayment, resulting in Read more…

February 2020

2020 Vision

New Years Eve sees many of us reflecting on the year it has been and resolving to make some changes in the year ahead. Although many set new year’s resolutions, too many set unrealistic targets or simply don’t stick to Read more…

January 2020

2019 a year of life changes

Well what a year….. It has been a difficult one personally with a few bumps in the road. In April, my Dad was diagnosed with Cancer. This became the most important challenge in our lives and an eye opener as Read more…

December 2019

Beware of ‘One Stop’ Financial Services

I sat with friends earlier this year as they unfolded their financial horror story. A few years ago they signed up with a one stop financial service company when they purchased their first investment property. As they knew very little, Read more…

November 2019

Moving out?

Are you ready to spread your wings? Get a space of your own away from Mum and Dad? Do you think you’re ready? Have you done a budget? Do you have furniture? Plates? Frying pans? There are so many things Read more…

October 2019

Property or Shares? Where to Invest

It’s an ever constant debate… Should you invest in shares or property? Everyone will have their own opinion as it largely depends on your personal preference… and how much money you have to invest. Many people lean towards property as Read more…

September 2019

The Risk of Under Insurance

If your house went up in smoke…. Do you have enough money saved to cover the loss? No. That is why House and Contents Insurance is a need not a luxury. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 23% Read more…

August 2019
Freedom Life Goals

Good vs Bad Debt

We live in an instant world where we are quick to buy the nicer things life has to offer. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. I love going on holidays, getting my nails done or up-grading my wardrobe, Read more…

July 2019