Cutting off the fat- Streamline your 2021

Cutting off the fat- Streamline your 2021

With ‘the year that was’ behind us, entering the new year with a plan to streamline is at hand. Last year taught us where our priorities lie and where we can cut off the fat in our lives.

Where many struggled financially, others found ‘left-over’ money at the end of the week as they were not making those incidental purchases each day. For me, I spent less on meals out and petrol meaning I was able to pay off an investment debt and buy my daughter’s wedding dress with cash. That little bit every week certainly made a difference.

So now to keep that up, I have uncovered a few areas where I can trim the excess:

  1. Weekly brunch.

Now I love meeting friends out for a coffee and bacon and eggs but going without it for most of the year has not been an issue. A simple coffee and walk with a friend has been so much more rewarding. Where that has not been possible, I had people over and cooked myself… so much more relaxing and a heck of a lot cheaper.


2. Gym membership.

Ouch. For many this is not what they consider the fat but to me I have found so many awesome online classes that are cheaper and often stream-able when it is convenient for me. That and a few app-based workouts I can do with friends means I get the social side and the workout- winning! We’ve even created our own boot-camp workouts to do at home with minimal equipment (weights and bands) to keep us motivated.


3. Monthly sales.

By simply not going to the shops, I have not overspent on unnecessary items. That flashy big red sale sign has not captured my eye and led me to buy something I really did not need. Yes, I did buy a few items this year, but I went in to buy that one thing. However, I mostly ordered Australian Made items online as I made the swap to supporting the locals. There are so many high-quality items from clothing and BBQ’s, to everyday products like coffee and shampoo that is not overpriced and keeps the money right here in Oz. Buying quality over quantity has made me more savvy when it comes to my spending.


4. Expensive holidays.

With international and some state boarders shut or with restrictions, planning any holiday outside your own state has become difficult. This year, instead of flying for 2-3 hours, we drove and saved on multiple airfares for every member of the family. It has been so nice to explore some of our local little towns and relax in the Australian outback.

However, I will say that once it is safe to do so, I will return to international travel. But for now, holidaying at home is enabling me to still get away and save some money.


How about you? Where can you trim the fat? It only takes a few little changes to make a massive difference to your budget. Don't have one? You need to understand where your cash flows.

Becoming financial free will enable you to achieve your future life goals.