5 Values to take from 2020

5 Values to take from 2020

Well 2020 did not turn out how we all expected. This year saw many of us thrown into uncertain times and faced many challenges. However, through it all, there are a couple of things I think we all learnt.

  1. The Value of a hug

For many of us who live alone, going into isolation was one of our greatest challenges. Personally, being very close to my family and friends, the ability to comfort one another through a simple hug was something I could not have done without, yet we had to.

It is amazing how a simple hug has a profound effect on us all as that one gesture releases endorphins and serotonin bringing us joy and happiness while counteracting any pain or sadness. I guess this is why so many of us got a pet this year.


  1. The Value of freedom

As boundaries where put on us geographically, I think we realise how many freedoms we have living in Australia. Living in a land with so much space, being told we couldn’t enjoy it left many off balance. We are so blessed to live in such a stunning country, with the ability to live out our culture and be embraced by those around us. We have access to so much that I think we take for granted the freedoms we enjoy by simply living here. So, I am so thankful for beautiful beaches, the coffee culture, vast outback plains, sporting communities and religious freedoms.


  1. The Value of healthcare and education

Lockdown certainly highlighted those essential services, and although I acknowledge our Supermarkets and garbage trucks, this year really highlighted the work that our teachers and nurses do. For the first time, many people found out the hard way just how much our teachers do. And let’s remember that they too were thrown in the deep end to suddenly put everything online and keep the younger ones entertained and engaged while still achieving their learning outcomes. Then those that teach our year 12’s…. hats off to you to get them through without it negatively impacting their ATAR.


And then we have our hospital staff and other healthcare workers. Those that had an influx of patients and new practises to enforce while keeping everyone calm. But more than that, the fact that we have access to free healthcare in multiple locations. We can choose our providers; we can book appointments online and even home visits. We have access to free vaccines, free or heavily subsidised medication and a range of screenings and scans.


  1. To Value simplicity

This year has made way for a more streamlined lifestyle that has left many realising that we have cluttered our lives with things that we just don’t really need. Our times of lockdown have highlighted the fact that we don’t need to fill our days with work, meetings and other activities. Instead, we have learnt to live with less; less meals out, less shopping and recognise what are our true ‘basic’ needs. Now many are returning to a new normal where a greater emphasis is placed upon the notion that ‘less is more’ as we have come to enjoy a decluttered lifestyle.


  1. The Value of savings

Too many Australians have had excessive lifestyles resulting in them living beyond their means. Where many felt secure in their jobs, Covid has shaken that resulting in many turning to their savings to get by. For some, their lack of savings has been the greatest challenge as they still needed to pay off their debts. As we have begun to streamline our lives and our spending, the value of a savings plan has become a new priority. Living according to an achievable budget that allows for a few luxuries while saving for future expenses has become a new priority for many. Developing our financial literacy will enable us to have the freedom to achieve our life goals.

We have learnt a lot this year about what we truly need to be happy. Let us not lose sight of that as we roll into another year.

Let is take these values and uphold them and celebrate them as we close the curtains on the year that was the greatest challenge to many of us. Let’s celebrate the fact that we still have each other, we have access to a number of services, and we are now more prepared to embrace the challenges of 2021 because we have taken the time to prioritise the things we value most.