Interest rates – Do you fix it?

As we emerge from a year where Covid played havoc with our finances, it’s time (if you haven’t already) to re-examine your home loans. Where some may have needed to take advantage of a deferral of mortgagee repayments, now lenders Read more…

February 2021
Values of 2020

5 Values to take from 2020

Well 2020 did not turn out how we all expected. This year saw many of us thrown into uncertain times and faced many challenges. However, through it all, there are a couple of things I think we all learnt. The Read more…

December 2020

Cashless society- what will that mean?

I like cash. Although I don’t carry a lot around with me, I still like to always have some. Covid has brought about a push towards a cashless society but there a number of drawbacks to that. And just to Read more…

November 2020

Australian Made is our future

With the Morrison government’s decision to block foreign investments that go against “the best interests of the people”, many are rejoicing. The new mandate that the Department Foreign Affairs must approve all State agreements with foreign governments, there will be Read more…

October 2020
Covid access to super Freedom Life Goals

Covid and early access to your super

Covid-19 has certainly impacted our finances significantly and many have resorted to accessing a portion of their Super early. Access to our super funds has always been an option for those facing financial hardship or on compassionate grounds, and although Read more…

September 2020
LMI and borrowing New home loan

LMI and borrowing capacity for home loans

You’ve found your dream home but you don’t have a large deposit. What’s your borrowing capacity? What if it’s not enough? Here is when considering LMI or Lender’s Mortgage Insurance may be an option for you. LMI is an insurance Read more…

August 2020
Credit Card debt

Credit Card Trap

You’ve turn 18 and congratulations, you now qualify for your first credit card. Your bank will likely send you a letter offering you your very own credit card account with a low limit of around $1,000. This letter may make Read more…

June 2020

Games to play in isolation

With Covid-19 we are spending so much more time at home. So how about a few games that are not only fun, but teach tools that are key for learning aspects of money matters. When it comes to our finances Read more…

May 2020