Freedom Life Goals


B.Ed, MBA and Dip.FP

Over my 18 years as an educator, many students have wanted more information than the text book provides in order to develop their understanding of money and the financial decisions they will face throughout their lives.

After completing my Masters of Business Administration, a number of family members and friends sought my thoughts as to what they should do with their finances. Their queries ranged from how to best save a deposit for their first home, what property should they purchase, building versus established and what to do with an inheritance.

Helping these people made me realise that there are many people who need someone to unpack their finances and help guide them through their own thoughts.

I studied Financial Planning and Superannuation and Retirement Planning topics as part of my MBA leading me to complete my Diploma of Financial Planning. Additionally, I have completed my Insurance Brokering qualification so that I have an understanding of how the money market works.